To the approved fanlisting for actress Amanda Tapping. Amanda played Samantha Carter for 10 years on the SciFi channel's television series Stargate SG-1. After SG-1 ended in 2007 she joined Stargate Atlantis in it's 4th season as the new commander of Atlantis. In 2008 she co-created a webseries called Sanctuary which was later picked up by the SciFi network (I shall refuse to call it by that other stupid name). The third season of Sanctuary is set to air in the Fall of 2010. If you would like to know more about Amanda head over to her official website.

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Nov 5, 2012

Just an update on the adoption of all of my fanlistings. Some have already been adopted out, most look like they will just be closed. The three big ones, Tara Maclay, Tara and Willow and Amanda Tapping I got a lot of requests for. So I will deciding who gets those on Wednesday November 7th!

Oct 26, 2012

I am adopting out all of my fanlistings. I’ll give it about a week. If people apply I’ll choose next weekend. If not, I’ll close them.

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Twitter Amanda is now on Twitter. You can follow her here @amandatapping.

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